Illuminated Mouse Pad Calculator with USB Hub

Most people usually go for the computer’s built-in calculator when they need to add something up. However, if you’re just not into that method, this odd gadget combination might be something to pick up. Partially due to the massive calculator, but also because it’s a mouse pad and a USB port. All in all it has plenty of gadgets packed in there. This is probably one set of gadgets that seems a little odd to jam together, but I’m sure it’ll seem brilliant to someone out there.

The calculator would be a great gadget for those that are half blind and can’t hardly see the in computer calculator. The calculator itself has an on/off switch and can be plugged in with a 5V power adapter, which is not included. They include 3 different ports for your USB gadgets. The mouse pad also gives a nice bright blue ambient glow for those of you that enjoy your shiny gadgets. You can purchase this for $17.99 from GizFever.

Source: GeekyGadgets


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